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TREE PRUNING: Proper trimming/pruning can keep your trees healthy, safe and maximize their beauty.  Over the years, Perry Tree Service has seen plenty of tree and property damage that could have been prevented. While wind can easily pass through dormant trees during the winter, the added weight of new growth during the spring and summer months can cause the tops of your trees to act like sails during high wind storms.

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How often should I have my trees trimmed/pruned

Trees are more likely to survive a windstorm if they are properly pruned and well maintained. Therefore, it’s important to be proactive and take the necessary steps to prevent wind and storm damage before it occurs. Doing so will reduce the risk of damage to your home and property while saving yourself a great hassle and expensive repairs in the long run.

At Perry Tree Service, we understand the principles of tree pruning and windsail reduction that lead to strong, wind-resistant trees. We offer a variety of preventative tree care services that can reduce the number of potential threats that can make your trees unpredictable.

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What is Windsailing?

Windsail reduction is a preventative tree care service that works to reduce wind resistance in a tree’s canopy. By selectively removing branches, a certified arborist can reduce a windsail effect by increasing wind penetration and passage throughout the crown of a tree. This, in turn, will make a tree less likely to bend or fail during heavy wind storms.

What is Drop-Crotching?

In order to avoid topping, newly planted trees should be properly pruned to develop a good branch structure as they grow. When a mature tree’s height must be reduced, an alternative to topping is drop-crotching.

Drop-crotching is a type of thinning cut that reduces a tree’s size while preserving its natural shape. To drop-crotch, select and cut higher branches back to laterals at least one-third the diameter of the limbs being removed. Cut outside the branch collar at a 45 to 60 degree angle to the branch bark ridge. Leave the branch collar intact to help prevent decay from entering the trunk. This type of thinning cut will stimulate growth throughout the tree and discourage water sprout development.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Trees over houses can be very dangerous.. We do pruning and removal

Tree Trimming

Proper pruning can keep your trees healthy, safe and maximize their beauty.

Dead Limb Removal

Removal of dead and broken limbs, especially in hardwoods, where they're very fragile and heavy.

Jungle Taming

Clean up of wooded, natural areas and overgrown landscapes.

Storm Damage

Removal of trees from roofs, clean up of debris. Repair landscapes and plant new trees.

Pet/Cat Rescue

If your CAT is treed, I, personally, will come to its rescue.

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