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Jungle Taming

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Jungle Taming includes vine removal, shrub/hedge trimming, fence line cleaning, poison ivy and weed removal, and other areas in need of rehabilitation. We serve homeowners whose yards have gotten away from them, new homeowners who have purchased homes in older residential areas & their yards are severely overgrown, homes of elderly relatives which have been neglected, etc… The purpose of our service is to bring existing features back up to par. If you have any questions on what our service includes, please do not hesitate to contact me. Often we work right alongside of the homeowner to do the work & pass along tips to prevent regrowth of unwanted plant material.

Jungle taming by Perry Tree Service

Trimming Back

We take steps to trim back those unruly bushes and trees. Remove dead branches and twigs and any stray branches that are a big obstruction. A professional company such as Perry Tree Service is needed to tame any trees. 

What is Jungle-Taming?

The clean up of wooded, natural areas and overgrown landscapes. Usually includes removal of vines, thorny bramble, dead/dying trees, undesirable saplings, fallen trees etc. This is difficult work especially when there’s a lot of thorny bramble. It’s very satisfying when the client sees our jungle-taming results for the first time! Not only can you play in your yard again, but this will also raise the value of your home.

Where do you begin?

Work should be completed by qualified professionals and/or equipment operators. Inspect the area prior to starting the job to identify any hazards that can increase the complexity of the job. Call Us for a FREE Quote and Inspection

Hazardous Tree Removal

Trees over houses can be very dangerous.. We do pruning and removal

Tree Trimming

Proper pruning can keep your trees healthy, safe and maximize their beauty.

Dead Limb Removal

Removal of dead and broken limbs, especially in hardwoods, where they're very fragile and heavy.

Jungle Taming

Clean up of wooded, natural areas and overgrown landscapes.

Storm Damage

Removal of trees from roofs, clean up of debris. Repair landscapes and plant new trees.

Pet/Cat Rescue

If your CAT is treed, I, personally, will come to its rescue.

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