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All trees will eventually have died from time to time. It’s totally normal on healthy trees but you do need to take action to make sure they do not become a health hazard to the tree.

Cutting off dead branches from a tree on a routine basis will be very helpful to the health and vitality of the tree.

Dead branches that are still attached to a tree can be detrimental as they render the tree unable to heal properly allowing all sorts of pests and disease to enter the tree.

The bark on a tree a little bit like the skin on a person, when there is one wound, foreign pathogens can make their way in having a massively adverse effect on the health of the trees.

By removing dead branches you get the chance can you give the tree a chance to heal itself and closeout those pathways for pest to enter.

Dead Branch Removal Perry Tree Service

Do dead branches hurt a tree?

Although dead branches are completely normal and the tree will eventually shed them, dead branches left on the tree for longer than they need to be is detrimental to the health of the tree and will hurt the tree over the long run.

The best thing you can do for the tree is to have dead branches removed on a routine basis by Perry Tree Service. There’s a certain way in which the dead branch needs to be cut to allow the tree the best chance of healing its wound quickly.

Can a dead tree branches come back to life?

Once a branch has fully died, it’s impossible for her to come back to life. The living part of a tree and branches actually the outside of the tree, the bark, which contains the xylem and phloem used to transport nutrients and energy back-and-forth between the roots in the leaves.

Once the branches reach a certain point, there is no way that the trees able to begin sending nutrients to it again to revive it.

How much does it cost to remove dead branches?

Often referred to as “dead wooding”, the removal of dead branches from the tree depends on the size of the tree, the number of dead branches to be removed, and the difficulty of the job.

There are a few other variables that govern the cost of tree trimming, but to get an accurate price call us for a free quote.

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