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Cat Rescue is our most rewarding job. We hear from cat owners all the time that their cat was missing for days before they (or someone else) found their cat stuck up in a tree. Sometimes the tree is near their house, other times we have rescued cats in trees that have been miles away from their home. Keep looking up in the trees! We have rescued some cats as high as 150ft in trees. If you don’t hear any meowing, try looking up in the trees at night with a flashlight. Sometimes the flashlight will show you the reflection of their eyes.

Perry Tree Service Cat Rescue

How long should I wait before calling you?

If your cat has only been stuck for a few hours, consider waiting to see if your cat can figure out how to climb down on their own. Generally, if your cat has been stuck overnight, it might be time to call for help but they are MUCH more receptive to a stranger when they are hungry, so waiting until day 3 or 4 may be better. Ultimately, you know your cat best. We are available to rescue your cat whether it has been stuck for a few hours or a few days.

Will food bring the cat down the tree?

We have rescued cats that have been stuck for over two weeks; it doesn’t seem that hunger is a strong reason for the cat to try to climb down a tree. We don’t recommend putting food out at the base of the tree; chances are that your cat won’t be able to see or smell the food and it will likely attract other animals/wildlife to the base of the tree.

How much does a cat rescue cost?

I have rescued dozens of cats since 1993 and haven’t lost one. I also got to return a baby owl to its nest before it imprinted on its caretakers at APS. I charge between $100 and $200 depending on your location and the difficulty of the cat rescue itself. I understand the torture of hearing your cat crying all day and night and will come out right away if there’s light, or at first light in the morning.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Trees over houses can be very dangerous.. We do pruning and removal

Tree Trimming

Proper pruning can keep your trees healthy, safe and maximize their beauty.

Dead Limb Removal

Removal of dead and broken limbs, especially in hardwoods, where they're very fragile and heavy.

Jungle Taming

Clean up of wooded, natural areas and overgrown landscapes.

Storm Damage

Removal of trees from roofs, clean up of debris. Repair landscapes and plant new trees.

Pet/Cat Rescue

If your CAT is treed, I, personally, will come to its rescue.

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