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Welcome to our homepage! Yes, we do leaf cleanup and gutters! Something else we're getting is inquiry regarding dead or dying oak trees. If you have an oak or oaks that is/are not losing its leaves and they are brown, the tree(s) should be examined.

Call for a free assessment please; 919-968-9469.

Sudden Oak Death (SOD), first discovered in oaks in Oregon and Northern Cal. in the late 1990's, was discovered in Indiana this year and may be spreading east*. It is caused by Phytophthora ramorum, a water mold pathogen. Early symptoms include:

-Bark cankers (calluses on woody portions of trees, often seeping black or reddish ooze)

-Leaf spots

-Twig dieback (less new growth; fewer buds in spring)

Perry Tree Service was founded in 1993 and has served The Triangle - From Hillsborough to Pittsboro, Chapel Hill/Carrboro to Cary and Durham to Roxboro ever since. We specialize in Hazardous Tree Removal as well as Storm Damage/Clean-Up and we do everything in between. As you browse the site you'll see that we do Cat Rescue (usually Treed Cat Rescue) and once, I got the opportunity to rescue a baby owl who'd fallen from his tree-top nest. Though I do charge cat parents for cat rescues, I also do it free (as a volunteer) for the APS when a stray or feral cat is treed.

TREE SERVICE NOW: WE DON"T OVERBOOK JOBS, so chances are very good that we can do your estimate within 24 hrs. of your call and start your Tree Service Now job usually within one to four days. Tree Service Now also means that in the event of a storm damage situation we will come right out and prioritize storm damaged homes by assessing each case and starting with removal of trees from houses and roofs, allowing other contractors access to do repairs in a timely manner. Storm Damage/Clean-Up starts when all the trees and limbs are removed from homes so clients can be safe inside and effect rebuilding right away. Tree Service Now has a dedicated page onsite for further information. Please browse around.

TREE TRIMMING/PRUNING: We do this to reduce "sail" and weight and increase their aesthetic value. It's another of our Tree Services. Tree Trimming/Pruning is explained in more depth in several locations on the site. Please browse our site!

JUNGLE-TAMING: Yet another service we offer. Explained in more depth within the website, Jungle-Taming is, basically, the Clean-Up and removal of vines, thorny bramble, fallen and dead trees etc. from natural areas in or adjacent to your yard/property.

TREE REMOVAL: Both necessary and elective is further described in other places on our site. Tree removal is probably the type of tree work we do most. Necessary Tree Removal can include Dangerous and Hazardous trees as well as trees too close to a house or building, allowing roots to damage the foundation of homes or other buildings. Elective Tree Removal is usually done to allow more light into a given area. Elective tree removal is also often done for aesthetic reasons and thus can increase your property value.

HAZARDOUS TREE REMOVAL: Also referred to as Dangerous/Hazardous Tree Removal throughout our website, is our specialty and has a dedicated page within. Hazardous Tree Removal is dangerous and should only be performed by a seasoned professional (That's me!--I've been climbing trees professionally for 35 years). Dangerous/Hazardous Tree Removal is the methodical take down of dead, dying, sick or precariously leaning (such as one which grows from the back yard, over the house into the front yard creating a great hazard in case of an ice-storm!) trees.There are other instances of Dangerous/Hazardous Trees described in dedicated pages on this site.

CAT RESCUE/TREED CAT RESCUE: When your beloved cat is stuck in a tree (See the "Treed Cat Rescue" dedicated page right here on our site)

I WILL COME TO HIS/HER RESCUE! I have rescued twenty-four cats (as of May, 2015) and have not lost one! Two jumped but were unharmed. I understand the torture of hearing your cat crying day and night because they're stuck in a tree and can't get down. I also have heard of other tree services charging $350, $400 to rescue a cat. My treed cat rescues start at $100 and go up depending on travel, degree of difficulty/risk and cooperation of the cat, which can depend on both his personality and on how long he's been up. (Cats that have been stuck longer are usually more docile and receptive to a stranger). IF YOUR CAT'S TREED, CALL MARK (919) 968-9469

TREE TRIMMING/PRUNING: Proper Tree Trimming/Pruning can prolong the life if your tree, make it more beautiful (which adds to your property value and is explained in more depth within), and make it more storm resistant by reducing "sail" and weight, lowering its center of gravity. This latter will reduce the chances of trunk failure or uproot in case of high and gusting winds or ice storm.

STORM DAMAGE/CLEAN-UP: Storm Damage refers to damaged or uprooted trees as the result of a wind or ice/snow event. First we safeguard the home by removing any trees or limbs from the home or business (or any other structure). If damage is widespread we do all the storm damage first, so you can be safe and contractors have access to your roof etc. Then we come back for clean-up. If it's an isolated incident we can usually remove the storm damage and do the clean-up at the same time. See more about Storm Damage/Clean-Up on our site.