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WE ARE AVAILABLE RIGHT AWAY FOR STORM DAMAGE do to my site being down since the 16th of Jan. due to misplaced account information. HAZARDOUS TREE REMOVAL (In Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough and all surrounding Counties and Towns, Perry Tree

I. One which leans over your house or your neighbor's house(s) or out buildings, play areas etcetera.

II. One which has rot anywhere on the trunk.

A. A tree which has carpenter ants.

1. Carpenter ants are large (3/8" in length) and black.

2. Carpenter ants aren't always visible.

a. They may be present if you have an unusually large number of dead or dying branches. This could also be root-rot and/or limb-rot.

b. A dying branch is one whose limbs' leaves are brown. A dead branch will sometimes hold its leaves, even through winter, when other limbs and trees are shedding theirs.

c. If a branch or branches on a deciduous (trees that lose their leaves in Autumn) tree have brown leaves but the rest of the tree is bare, you may have an infestation and a hazardous tree.

III.Hazardous trees aren't always obvious. This is one of many good reasons (listed below) to call Perry Tree Service to schedule an assessment.

A.Some Danger /Threat Assessment Reasons to Call Perry Tree Service For an Are:

1. A I said, hazardous trees aren't always obvious and easy to spot, a walk through should be free and should be done every two years.

a. Insect infestation takes a trained eye to spot/diagnose.

b. Limb rot can sometimes show only on the tops of branches. If your yard has a large natural area, you may have too much moisture. If you have fungi growing on any part of a tree (especially if it's a large, mature, deciduous tree) it may need to be climbed for a thorough examination.

2. It is a good idea to do a thorough walk-thru, preferably with a professional, every three or four years if you have a lot of wooded area(s) on your property. This is a good way to make sure that dead trees and unwanted saplings are caught before they can do damage or grow into an expensive-to-remove tree, respectively.

B. Keeping Your Trees Beautiful and Healthy

1. Your trees are an integral part of your property value and your neighbor's as well. When a tree is wrecked by a storm and we remove it, I put a value of the tree on your invoice. This value is written off your income tax---Because trees are valuable AND valued.

         2. Beautiful, safe trees are an important part of enjoying your yard. If you're raising a family, trees grow with your children. Kids love to climb trees. Get the joystick or remote out of their hands and show them some fun--Old School! Build a tree-fort. (Go online to see how to do it without harming the tree. You can even hire us to build, or help build one...we love that stuff!). Hang a rope-swing (We can hang one waaaay up there). No kid should grow up without a tire to swing on! Put up a hammock. Hide it for yourself. The point is to enjoy a safe and beautiful yard. And we can help. We'd love to! Just give Mark with Perry Tree Service a call: (919) 968-9469