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(919) 968-9469

TREED CAT RESCUE: If your cat is stuck in a tree (treed), I come to the rescue! Though I do charge cat owners, I volunteer this service for feral cats and strays for the APS & ASPCA as part of being a tree service in the community. In dozens of such operations, I've never lost one. Two have jumped, both were unharmed. Tree service co.,s are often called to rescue treed cats...I think you'll find Perry Tree Service is the least expensive and most experienced. I, personally have rescued 24 cats in 22 years and never lost one. Apparently tree service and animal rescue go hand in hand as I once got to return a baby owl to its nest before it could imprint on its caretakers at The Orange Co. APS. So if your cat's treed or you find a baby owl, call Perry Tree Service for the cat and the APS for the owl. Click on "Jungle-Taming/Cat Rescue," under "Services," for much more on cat rescue.